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Join our Open Book Blog Hop. Today we are sharing Mother/Daughter Relationships.

It was a tossup for me as to whether or not I would write this because this is so personal, but then why shouldn’t it be. The relationship between mother and child is as personal as it gets. The presence or lack of presence of a mother in a child’s life influences their feelings and thoughts. It’s an awesome responsibility to take on because you are shaping a mind.

I was five years old when I was told I was adopted. After much debate on their part, my parents chose to tell me while I was young. I agree with their decision, though it did place a small hole in my confidence.

My mom and I were never close. I was a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ through and through. To her credit, my mom did the best she knew how when it came to raising my sister and I. I wasn’t able to see our relationship in the objective light I can see it in now and that paved the way for many angry days and arguments. As a child I was unable to see that she too was human and dealing with stress to such a degree that it leaked into everything. In fact, it wasn’t until I left for college that we could share a five minute conversation with one another without me getting angry.

As a young child and teenager I watched the dichotomy in my mom’s social life and home life. She was very generous and people adored her. She was the woman at church and social functions that people looked up to and in those settings she was indeed that person. Unfortunately, on the way home there was some type personality transition that took place because we could not reconcile the mother of many and our mother of two.

We were not beaten, continuously called names or physically neglected, but for me there was a gap as wide as a cavern when it came to getting the attention and patience I sought from her.

Over the last four years our relationship has made a turn for the better because I have come to the understanding that we don’t have enough in common to warrant a deeper connection and I have learned to be content with the pride she has found in my accomplishments as an author and budding entrepreneur.

I consider it a wonderful gift from God that I have had many women take on the role as my spiritual mother. I consider them God’s bouquet of love because they have all, in their own special way, showed me how to love myself and others. There is no way to convey my gratitude for the knowledge and wisdom they have and continue to impart in me. I wake up and go to sleep feeling honored that so many would take the time to guide and sometimes push me along this path in my life’s journey.

My only recourse is to give back and be there for the young women who are in need of a new perspective, knowledge, love, a glimpse of an understanding of their value, and always an ear.

I was not given the gift of birthing or raising children, but I am a spiritual mother of many and I understand even more now, that being a mother isn’t about being perfect, but being available.

I am going to see what Lela Markham is sharing. Why don't you join me.

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October 14 – Oct. 20, 2015: Mother/Daughter Relationships. Talk about them. Yours, someone else’s, how they work, some of the issues, they can be funny, sad, happy or whatever.

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