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I'm Not Only A Christian Author...

As a Christian woman who writes Christian fiction, romance and otherwise, I strive to express God’s message as clearly as possible through the lives of my characters and the situations they go through. Some of these characters are children of God, some have had unfortunate experiences with people who have misrepresented God and others have never knowingly experienced His love. My absolute favorite message to relay to readers is that God’s love is ever abounding and can see them through situations they can hardly imagine surviving with a sound mind.

As a believer of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heaven, hell, angels, and demonic forces, I also know that when I am led to write about certain subjects I also need to be extra vigil with my prayer life. I have to stay in constant communication with the Holy Spirit who guides me, Jesus who intercedes for me and God who can lift up a standard against my enemy, keep a hedge of protection around me and allow me to see things I otherwise would have missed.

All of this speaks of love to me. The love of a father for His daughter who adores Him because she was given the opportunity to do so.

Most of my books deal with sensitive issues. I have been led to write about near abortions, discussions on masturbation, traveling preachers with two lives, pastors who have gotten it right yet still have to defend themselves, families that would rather seek vengeance than forgiveness, people who have become the most unlikely of heroes, just because they surrendered to God and women, despite the discouragement of others, who have held on to their faith like a lifeline.

Some of the situations my characters have gone through have presented themselves to me directly or indirectly after my books were published or even while I was still finishing the story. Sometimes I’ve seen the test coming as if I were being challenged to decide what I would do in that situation when it was my life and soul being tested. It is not uncommon to be tested to see if you believe what you say to others or if you believe what you write.

For many, many people of different walks of life and faiths, 2019-2021 has been challenging. We have lost loved ones in almost unbelievable numbers and in the best of circumstances (if there were any) making funeral arrangements were a struggle. But not being allowed to come together, bury our dearly departed or embrace each other was inconceivable.

Yet, there is more.

There is the knowledge that the transition from this life to our next will bring us face to face with God. The Great I Am. The Way Maker. The lover of our soul. I could go on but I will do that on my own and so can you. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. For those of us who believe and have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, there is another reward.

It doesn’t end when the gift of life we’ve been given on this earth is over. We get to step into eternity, unbound by the regulations of time, to be with God and bask in His presence forever.

For those who mourn and are left to continue this journey without their loved ones, there is hope; there is healing in the treasures that are memories, and whether we receive an answer we can accept or not, there is the peace that surpasses all understanding, a knowing that though we feel lonely, we will never be left alone or forsaken and that we will be comforted because He promised we would be.

He loves you. I love you and I will continue to pray for you.


My new release, titled "The Prayer Warrior", is a Christian supernatural fiction novel about a Christian school counselor that listens and gives advice by day -- while praying - and wars spiritually as she dreams at night. Both my co-writer D. Tina Batten and I have had to stay prayed up both during the creation of this book and after. We might have made someone angry. Haha.


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