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(The Chances Series Book 2)


Introducing Andrew and Pietra


Those who’ve met Pietra Rivera think she’s a shy but kind and generous woman with an intelligence to rival the best minds in medicine, and they would be right.

They also believe that the ideal man for her would be an equally nice guy, with like ambitions who would move mountains for her, but she wants Andrew.

Andrew Wolf has spent a majority of his life trying to prove that he can meld the medicine of his people with the technology of the Western world. It has left little time for socializing and even less time for relationships, but who needs that drama when your best friend is the woman of your dreams. Well, if you dreamed.

Will either of them take a chance and show what’s in their heart for the other?



Available for Releasing November 12th
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(The Chances Series Book 1)


Meet Antoni and Meagan


It took a 15-second play to bring his career to a halt for the season.

It only took one second for her to bring his heart to a stop.


A bone shattering hit sidelines Antoni Cahill from his top spot as the Scranton Sparrows top-rated kicker, but he is dealt a crushing blow with the news of his grandfather’s passing. To keep his grandmother happy Tony helps her relocate to her childhood town of Chance, VA. His growing suspicion of her true physical health causes him to seek out a nurse/companion for her while he’s away. The woman standing on their doorstep may be exactly what the doctor ordered for his grandmother, but she takes his breath away.


For Meagan Rowe, Sweet Grove has been a place of refuge after the death of her twin brother. For years her decision to become a nurse practitioner was the only one that made sense, both to her heart and the financial preservation of her family. Her budding career and most recent client brings her face-to-face with the extremely handsome yet adorably awkward football star.


It could be a match made in heaven if she wasn’t forced to keep his grandmother’s true health a secret or if his foundation hadn’t failed to help her family in their most desperate time of need.


Will hard feelings and a heartbreaking secret sideline this budding romance?



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