Stolen Promises eBook.jpg

Stolen Promises

The Breakout story of Marc and Melanie

A pawn, a queen, a knight

And a promise stolen by secrets



Grace Melanie has been a pawn in her mother’s machinations all of her life. After years of lies and manipulation, she learned to keep to herself, rejecting offers of friendships and dates in order to keep others from being caught up in her mother’s deceitful web.

Now she finally has a small taste of freedom. With it has come the blessings of friendship--and the responsibility of keeping those friends off her mother’s radar.

And love? That was not in the plans. Until she met the handsome man assigned to take care of her.

The first time Marcus Miller was assigned to watch over the Morganson family, he felt an overwhelming need to protect the girl with the sad golden eyes. When he saw Melanie again four years later, he was awestruck by the beautiful woman she’d become.

Now, he’s been asked to look after her again—only this time, his own heart is at stake.

As he enters her world he can’t shake the feeling that he has just become another player in an elaborate game that no one is supposed to win . . .

But God.