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It has been a very busy few weeks and I have been keeping my nose in my latest project, but I thought it would be fun to participate in this week's Open Blog Hop where we are asking each other seven questions.

I had the pleasure of asking the lovely author Stephany Tullis seven questions for my blog this week and not only did she give me insidght into her world, she shared some knowledge.

1) What review of any of your books is your favorite?

I have two favorite reviews out of several really special ones. I've chosen to share the review below because it epitomizes what I hoped to accomplish with this book as well as my writing. NOTE: This is a very early review of my first novel entitled, The Master's Plan, A Novel About Purpose.

"Where in the world is Pastor Woodruff [Woody] T. Jones? That question drives much of the story behind the Master’s Plan that portrays how interwoven church, politics, community and family can be. Not an easy tapestry to navigate, even when folks [mostly] mean well.

Trouble walks in and shakes things up, revealing that not all the motives are pure even among those at the heart of the church. This is a thoroughly enjoyable tale of the struggle to do the right thing in the face of day-to-day challenges to figure out what the heck that is. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad and distressing, there is always a sincerity and tenderness that urges the reader forward. Loved the intermittent use of the vernacular, the descriptions of the characters and lifestyle are all well drawn and the story hopeful and uplifting. In my former life, as a social and behavioral scientist, I was privileged to have a colleague who wrote with erudition about the critical importance of interconnectedness of family, church and politics to the Civil Rights Movement [See: The Origins of the Civil Rights Movements: Black Communities Organizing for Change by Aldon D. Morris]. Stephany Tullis’ fictional account brings it all ‘home’ in a personal, more intimate and engaging way. A recommended read for those who like family sagas set in the larger context of local politics and community." (5*****Review)

2) What is the longest it's taken you to write a book from first to last word - 1st draft?

Without a doubt, my first novel, the above mentioned, The Master's Plan. It took me almost a year to complete what I consider a first draft. I tend to edit as I write, however, so some of this time was devoted to editing.

3) Have any of your sleeping dreams influenced your story lines or characters?

Music tends to influence my writing, story line and characters more so than dreams. I have, however, dreamt about something, someplace or an idea and upon awakening think, Gee, that’s great, sounds like Angelica, or I bet Selena would love to do that. So my characters—old and new- and writing are always very much in my mind. Music is a big motivator for me…hearing a song or singing along provides me a lot of writing ideas and motivates me tremendously. For example, the title of an upcoming book came to me as I was driving and listening to a CD my brother recently gave me.

4) Share a good editing experience.

One of my best editing experiences involved the carving out of a major section of my book, 48 Hours 'Til Christmas. The carve out and related material led to the creation of my Angelica Mason Series. Blue Lady, my first short story and the prequel to the series, is based on material removed from the second book-48 Hours 'Til Christmas.

5) Do you think humor has a place in all genres?

I think it would be easy for me to include humor in books of most genres because, regardless of genre, I write with humor and satire. And conversely, it would challenge \me to write a book without humor. Since fiction involves human interaction (or narrative description thereof), it is hard to believe that an entire book could be written with characters who have no sense of humor but in reality, I know people who have very little sense of humor. All that to say, I would not want to dictate as to how a writer should write.

6) Are your family and friends on your email list?

I no longer include my family on my author email list primarily because I don't believe they have a real interest in my writing. At one point, this bothered me but I have accepted that not everyone enjoys reading and the fact that my family doesn't follow my writing career or hasn't read my books is not a reflection of our relationship as family members or the quality of my writing.

7) What is a goal you have for this year you have never tried before?

This year my goal is to write four books (a first time for me)

1) the sequel to my first novel, The Master's Plan; 2) the second book in my Blue Lady/Angelica Mason cozy romance series; 3) a novella that will be a part of an Anthology scheduled for release in early summer; and 4) my annual Christmas release--perhaps the sequel to 48 Hours 'Til Christmas.

This should keep me busy!

I am looking forward to all Staphany Tullis has to offer this year. Here is a peak at some of the books now available by this talented author.

You can find out more about her and her books at

If you would like to link your blog to this hop, please click on the link below.

February 1-7: Seven Questions

Rules: 1. Link your blog to this hop. 2. Notify your following that you are participating in this blog hop. 3. Promise to visit/leave a comment on all participants' blogs. 4. Tweet/or share each person's blog post. Use ‪#‎OpenBook when tweeting. 5. Put a banner on your blog that you are participating.


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