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My Favorite Christmas Songs

The Christmas holiday was huge in my parent’s house from before I was born. I couldn’t remember my mom collecting anything other than Christmas ornaments and decorations. She would buy them at both pre-Christmas sales and after Christmas sales. After 20 or more years of this, to which I was only present for 12, you can imagine a pretty sizable collection. Not to be outdone, my father picked the tree, which was usually a 9-foot Douglas or Noble Fir. They were gorgeous and bought with my mother’s growing collection in mind. Who, can you guess was gifted with placing these ornaments on and taking the off the tree? My sister and I were blessed with that challenge and thus began our desperate need for Christmas music.

There are only a few Christmas songs that I can listen to on repeat.

My absolute favorite Christmas song is "The First Noel" by Bebe and Cece Winans. The orchestra in the background in the beginning makes me feel like I’m sitting right up under them and the change in tempo from soft and slow to slightly faster draws me in every time. I must admit that there is very little that these two have done together that I don’t like. They harmonize so beautifully, I’m hard pressed to think of a better sound. The choir that comes it towards the end just ties the bow on this song that feels like a present being gifted to my soul.

“Oh Come O Come Emmanuel" by the late Whitney Houston is second on my list.

I heard this version for the first time this year, but I have loved the song since the first time we sang it in 4th grade choir. I used to sing this song with gusto during chapel at my parochial school. If I wasn’t given a stern look from my teacher I would have sang it louder.

My third favorite song is “The Little Drummer Boy”

It originates from the story of the little drummer boy and my childhood awe at the young boy that had the courage to play his drum for the little baby Jesus as a gift. It’s odd what stays with you, but at seven that story had a very profound influence upon my heart.

As long as I can hear these three songs at least once during the Christmas season, I don’t mind most of what I am subjected to on my husband’s favorite pop radio station. Even that song about the mean old grandmother getting in the way of one of the reindeer as he was going about his business of leading Santa’s sleigh can bother me.

I am going to see what Lela Markham is rocking to this Christmas season. Why don't you join me.

While you are there take a look at her books. Here is one I think you will like. The Willow Branch

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