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Elder Paige Morganson: Character Interview Session 2

We left off in our interview with Elder Paige Morganson right after she answered some very sensitive and poignant questions about her relationship with her family. In the second part of this interview we will be discussing the two men that have come into her life recently.

We are happy you decided to stay and allow us to ask you more questions, Paige. Thank you for being so generous with your time.

You are welcome. It’s nice to be able to talk and share my life this way, though I am a little nervous about your questions for this part of the session.

No need to be nervous. You may decline to answer at any time.

(Paige looked visibly relaxed by the statement and nodded)

So let’s begin, shall we? We couldn’t help but notice the two very handsome men who have entered your life recently. What are their names and how did you meet them?

Well, um, I met Elder Brandon Tatum because my pastor had got it into his head that we would make great “friends.” (She pauses for a moment) That didn’t go over so well. It just so happened to be the same day I came in to discuss my past with my cousin, the funeral, and my impending conversation with Gladys.

My pastor doesn’t know it, but his reaction was the reason I begged off meeting Elder Tatum once he told me about his plan. I felt like I didn’t deserve the prospect of meeting anyone with so many unaddressed issues. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave the office before he arrived and he overheard me trying to sneak out. It was quite embarrassing and I’m pretty sure if we never saw each other again he would have a terrible impression of me.

But you have had more interaction with one another?

(A small smile plays at her lips) Yes. As part of the eldership we attended meetings and activities that allowed us to get to know each other better. Even though I thought he was arrogant and just a bit obnoxious when we first met, I began to notice that he had an old-fashioned gentlemanly manner.

Nice. Okay, and the other gentleman.

Mason Jenson. (Remarkably, the tips of her ears begin to redden)

Do you know, your ears just got red at the tips?

Um, really? (Paige clears her throat) Wow. That’s a not something you see every day.

No, I would say not, but go ahead.

Well, I ran into Mason, literally. That’s how we met each other. (She giggles) I was waiting in a hospital waiting room for him and became a bit antsy. I figured since I was visiting people in the hospital as part of my ministry at my church that I would pass the time doing the same at this hodpital while I waited for Mr. Jenson. I was getting all my stuff together when I turned and bounced off of his chest.

I have to say, it was the most awkward first meeting I have had.

Awkward like the one you had with Elder Tatum?

No…no…It was more like I had an out of brain experience. My body totally betrayed me. I couldn’t talk and was barely able to respond. I almost made a total fool of myself. It was unexplainable. I have never reacted that way to anyone. He was just…just that handsome.

Wow. That sounds like some serious chemistry. What was his reaction to you?

He didn’t seem to be moved in any particular way by our meeting, but then the reason for our meeting was for him to interview me as one of the potential living donors for his daughter who needed a kidney transplant. I’m thinking he had a great deal on his mind.

Did you get picked?

To be a donor? Yes, and he shared with me some really earth shattering news that will bind us together for a long time to come, but I would rather not share that with you at this time.

Very well. So, I take it you two have gotten closer as well?

Yes. It’s hard not to. His daughter is beautiful and being able to give her the gift of a new lease on life is a blessing I wouldn’t just walk away from afterward. You could say that I was graphed into their family.

Family? How close are you and Mason Jenson?

We have shared some very life altering situations with each other. That tends to bring people closer, but our relationship – if that’s what you’re getting at- is platonic.

Even with all of that chemistry?

(Paige shrugs) Chemistry isn’t everything, though it is head turning, heart tripping and breath stealing. (Her mouth lifts slightly on one side) Mason is a wonderful man. He is a loving father and a decent person, but he is missing a very important factor in my book.

What’s that?

God isn’t first in his life and I can’t be with or put my trust in a man that hasn’t put his trust in the Lord.

That simple?

Not so much simple as imperative in any relationship I would consider getting into.

So what about Elder Tatum?

(She quirks a brow) What about him?

I assume he believes and puts God first in his life?

You would be correct.

What about your relationship with him?

It is growing.

And the chemistry?

It’s growing too.

Where do you see yourself over the next few months in regards to your relationships with these men?

I am looking forward to being happy. I’m excited about the prospects. Brandon is a beautiful man, inside and out. Mason is struggling, but I have faith that he will come out the victor. I have been adopted into a generous and eclectic family and I’m looking forward to getting to know my daughter, Gladys, even better.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

(Paige seems to consider this for a moment) I see myself equipped with one great story of love, pain, renewal and triumph over the things that have weighed me down for too many years.

That’s quite a lot and still I am feeling like you have avoided answering my question.

If you want a better answer you will just have to read the Promises to Zion Series. My Beauty For Your Ashes, My Oil of Joy For Your Mourning and My Garment of Praise for Your Spirit Heaviness, due out in March 2016. That way you will not only get my perspective on things, you will get the whole story.

Thank you Paige, I will take you up on that offer. It was a pleasure speaking to you today. Thank you again for being with us.

Your welcome again and thank you for having me.

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