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Join our Open Book Blog Hop and share your high school music loves

Warning: This blog may contain some very bad puns.

I was a 70’s baby so I was a prime teenage target for the great music in the 80’s.

As I have shared previously, music was a balm for me when I was younger. It was my best friend in junior high and high school; only second to dancing. My taste was very eclectic because I listened to whatever fit my mood. I could listen to anything from popular Heavy Metal like, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard, to Rock like, Duran Duran, whose concert I went to at 13.

I had a terrible crush on Roland Orzaba of Tears for Fears. I wanted to ‘Shout’ it from the Mountain top. Depeche Mode and U2 allowed me to play the drums along with their band…in my bedroom…via radio.

Sting and The Police would sing me lullabies. I always felt save knowing they were watching every breath I took. WHAM and Culture Club were perfect for a workout or a tumble. Fleetwood Mac, and Heart were actually good at making me feel better. Maybe it was all the silent shouting (because my parents sure weren’t going for the loud kind) I did to their songs.

There was the occasional song from ZZ Top and Van Halen, but though I thought the videos were fun I didn’t care about a girl who knew how to use her legs and I was definitely not hot for my very hairy, Russian Math Teacher.

I fell in love my second year of high school and my music tastes reflected it. I’m wondering if my father ever got over his allergy to Phil Collin’s “Groovy Kind of Love” after the 100th time I played it. I think Richard Marx made my sister cry.

Well, either that or she was mad when he was all I played on a long car ride when I was driving. I woke up to plenty lovely days with Bill Withers, Spandau Ballet and PM Dawn agreed that I couldn’t get enough of a good song in “This Much is True”. Then Chris De Burgh became the reason I wore red to my winter formal.

Luther Vandross was always there in the background, but I still wonder why his house wasn’t a home. And then there was Prince.

It was rare for my parents to walk by my room soon after homework hour and find me not dancing around my room with headphones on, attached to a Sony Walkman. I had to release all of that pent up energy.

During the last two years of high school I listened to more R&B like, Terrence Trent Darby who could sign his name across my heart any day. There was the Hip Hop stylings of Guy, whatever that means, and I liked the way Black Street worked it.

Tony, Toni, Tone always made me feel good. I actually played Whitney Houston at an Apollo Remake in school. Don’t ask.

I loved Mint Condition because they wrote a song about my “Pretty Brown Eyes”, but I never let go of the Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Smooth Jazz, and Pop.

My Rick Astley album will attest to that.

I think that's enough sorting through my music closet. Let's go see what music made Stephany Tullis' heart skip a beat during her high school years.

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