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Welcome! If you have come from Zeeec Lugo's blog at I appeciate the visit. If you missed her answer to today's question please make sure you go back and visit her blog. She has a great answer and while you are there you can download a free copy of her work 'Edge of the World'.

Today's question:

If you could be immortal for one day, what would you be and why?

So many choices and so little time.

Along with Christian fiction, I read romantic suspense and paranormal (shifter) romance. I have attended parties where I have been asked a similar question and though I don’t have any desire to live forever I can imagine – for a day – many different scenarios where I ‘save the day’.

If I could only choose to be one immortal creature, it would be an Angel. I love helping people and isn’t an angel a great symbol of hope, protection, and love when you need that extra nudge of help?

I would have beautiful, huge, pearl grey wings that would blend with the colors of the sky on an overcast day. When I wrap myself in them, it would be easy for me to inconspicuously help people rise above the clouds in their lives. The toga I wear would float and sway around me with each step and caress my iridescent skin in comforting waves. The peace I feel would be impossible to contain and would spill over constantly. I’d catch the peace up in small invisible cisterns that would allow me to release it upon an unwitting bystander.

Even when I am uncloaked by my wings I would not be seen if I am in someone’s direct line of sight, but my reflection can be captured briefly out of the corner of a person’s eye, especially if they are absorbed in thoughts far from anything heaven bound. This way I can only be glimpsed upon quickly and quietly as I go about my business of reading moods and shifting thoughts to deflect anger and frustration.

I would work with a few Guardian Angels when emotions grow violent, but my favorite assignment would be to gift people with enough quiet in their life to pray for themselves and others.

I could gift them with a song that would keep them company for a few minutes or a few hours and memories that would make their soul sigh and their lips tip into a spontaneous smile.

Moving to and fro throughout the day, I would cover as many miles as possible in the time I had spreading as much peace and good cheer as possible.

Now hop on over to PJ Fiala's blog to see what immortal creature she chose to be, but don't forget to like and share this page. If you have a question you would like me to answer, don't hesitate to leave it in the comments.

While you're at PJ Fiala's site take a look at her latest release Designing Samatha's Love and her other books HERE.

I'll race you to the next page!

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