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If you have came from PJ Fiala's blog site I appreciate the visit.

If you haven't, make sure you double back to and read her thoughts on this week's question and while you're there take a look at her latest release Designing Samatha's Love and her other books HERE.

Question of the Week:

Have you had any paranormal experiences?

When I was first posed this question I thought my blog would have a welcome and a forwarding message from my page to the next author’s, but as I gave it more consideration I remembered an incident I had at a slumber party with a Ouija Board. How do four very intelligent, tween girls spend the evening when three of them are away from home and they know they don’t have to get up early the next morning? They light one room with strategically place candles and pull out the Ouija Board to see who they can summon. Sorry mom and dad. I didn’t actually spend the night alternately watching G-rated movies and listening to my good friend play her French horn.

We sat on the floor, three of us with our fingers on the edges of the board while the fourth one maneuvered the planchette (I had to look up the name, it’s been so long). We took turns assisting the planchette around the spirit board with our energy so we could experience the moments when it moved ‘almost without our help’.

I remember it being thrilling and fascinatingly scary. I was both anxious and afraid of something happening and when it did, if I had blinked I would have missed it. The planchette raced diagonally across the board until it skidded to a stop on the rug underneath. Everyone froze and looked at each other to make sure we all saw what happened then surmised that we could have been mistaken. So of course, we worked that board to see if it would happen again. Thankfully I wasn’t in charge of the planchette at that time because I probably would have high-tailed it out of the room and you would never find out what happened at the end of that evening.

As the hours and the candles ran down, we began to ask the board more interesting questions like, “Is there a spirit in the room?” to which it answered “yes” so the next question was, of course, “What is your name?” The planchette shifted over the letters to spell out ‘Penelope’. Once again we looked at each other in expectation and gave in to giggles brought on by fear and sleepiness.

For the next hour we asked questions; some were answered and some were not. Just before 2 a.m. the planchette began moving swiftly back and forth across the board as though it were trying to spell quickly enough to hasten the conversation. The girl assisting it lifted her fingers slightly to show us that it wasn’t her making it move so sporadically. I watched with growing trepidation and fascination as I tried to decipher the words, but just before I thought I came up with the last part of the sentence, the candles all went out and the planchette moved to ‘Goodbye’.

I still can’t repeat that story without looking behind me or feeling creeped out. The last letters I saw the planchette pause on were I A M A L M O S T T H E…

I made sure I was in church on that Sunday and I have never even thought about touching another Ouija board.

“Did you just hear something?”


Now hop on over to P.J. MacLayne's blog to see what type of paranormal experience she had, but don't forget to like and share this page. If you have a question you would like me to answer don't hesitate to leave it in the comments.

While you're there, take a look at her books especially her latest release at

Her Ladyship's Ring

(Oak Grove Mysteries 2)

I'll race you to the next page!

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