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In the story of your life, who would play you? Who would play your family?

Great question! I have imagined who would play the characters of my books, but for myself this took some real thought. It took me back to my youth when books and dancing consumed my life. The wonderful thing is, I can now see myself as the same person I looked up to when I was young.

I would pick Debbie Allen to play me in my life story. In the 80's and 90's, on and off screen, she epitomized the strong, no nonsense woman who could have compassion, but definitely wasn't one to be played with. She is an excellent business woman, philanthropist and is a fantastic choreographer. The only drawback would be the more than twenty year difference, but a little Hollywood glamor and I am sure she could pull it off.

My husband would be played by a superhero. Of course he would be a milder mannered version of said superhero because my husband is as laid back as a recliner after Thanksgiving dinner. Not much fazes him, but if you want to see him light up, disrespect or abuse someone who can't or won't defend themselves in his presence. He also would do whatever it took to show his support for me, including move a few imaginary worlds. My pick would be Iron Man because he is playful even as he's saving the day.

The closest I could come to a person that would play my father is Colin Powell, though Colin Powell may have his own small or large screen double. To me, my father has a quiet strength. He thinks on his words before voices them and does the same with his actions. On the other side, if he is around a group of friends and loved ones, a more charismatic demeanor comes forth and if Cary Grant were still alive I would choose him to do all of the walking and dancing for him because even today my dad has a smooth gait and a witty charm that draws people in.

I would pick Diahnn Carroll to play my mother because she can switch from doting, generously giving and nuturing woman to a diva without a moment's notice. She can shock you with her opinion just as easily as she can bake a batch of peantbutter cookies.

My sister could be played by

Nicole Beharie. She is unassuming

and quiet when she first meets people

and a more beautiful heart you may

never come in contact with, but if you

ask her opinion expect the unmitigated truth.

Be very careful, she has no sugar to coat it,

but she will give you a suggestion to improve it

or praise you when she approves. She is definitely no slouch with her compliments.

My niece is a beautiful genius. No bias here. Her virtues are not without their advantages and challenges. She loves people deeply, but also worries which brings about a myriad of emotions. That's why I believe Naya Rivera would portray her well. Naya has the talent to play many different types of characters.

Well, this is my immediate family and I thank God everyday that they are still here and they are mine.

Now hop on over to P.J. MacLayne's blog to see who she picked to play her and her family, but don't forget to like and share this page. If you have a question you would like me to answer don't hesitate to leave it in the comments.

I'll race you to the next page!

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