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It "KEPT" Me Reading

"Kept" by Sally Bradley. I made the mistake of starting it late at night, thinking I would just read a few pages and go on to peaceful dreams. Two hours later I was fighting to keep my eyes open so I could read 'one more page'.

Here is my 5-Star Review because I couldn't give it more.

I loved this book. I wish the author had more books because her voice and writing style is so unique it makes me want to visit this world again. This is a wonderful story of the ability and power of God's love and it's told, not only through the eyes of those who love and serve Him, but the one caught up in darkness. The author paid attention to the details of the character's surroundings and emotions which drew me in immediately. The inner struggle of each character to listen to their heart and not their fears was portrayed with realistic dialogue and situations. I slowly came to understand Miska's struggle with accepting a healthy love and Dillions's challenge to see her beyond his attraction for her and love her as God does. I commend the author for her clear expression of a story that conveyed both the romantic side of man's love and God's unconditional love without compromising one for the sake of the other.

I shared this because I definitely don't want to be the only one in my circle to read this book. At this moment 134 people - who have also given this 5 stars - can't be wrong about about this book. Lift your heart and feed your soul with "KEPT"

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