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No Packing For this Trip


On December 8th I am off on a Two Week Virtual Blog Tour for the promotion of 'My Beauty For Your Ashes'. The experience has been enlightening and less stressful than I thought it would be. Of course, in the beginning I had a lot of questions and wondered just how much interaction I would have with the bloggers. As it turns out, it was very little. I'm not sure how to feel about.

Besides the questions that I answered in a coffee shop surrounded by strangers, the bloggers know nothing about me. How do they know what people will want to read? I know that was my biggest question. Well, we will see and I will be giving updates as the week goes on. There are a couple of surprise excerpts though and neither can be found on my website. I am very interested in what people will comment after reading them.

With that, the name of the tour is...ta da...Virtual Book Tour for My Beauty For Your Ashes. It is hosted by Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours. I will give my own review when it is all over. It will remind me of how I feel the next time I go on a virtual tour. I thought about placing all of the blog stops on this post, but I think I make a little game of it.

I'm so excited I might even do another giveaway. It is close to Christmas and I am feeling a whole lot of Christmas cheer. A couple of books, some swag, and maybe a gift card...That sounds doable. I will give you an update just before I take off. Be sure to check back because you aren't going to want to miss this.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already bought your copy of My Beauty For Your Ashes it’s still available on Amazon for $2.99. I tried to change it back and it was $4.99 for a day, but then it bounced back to $2.99 and I don't know how to fix it. Your gain...until I figure it out and I will not give you any notice. One day it will say $2.99 and the next it will be back at full price. Until next time, happy reading.

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