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A Few Good Friends Found on Facebook

This weekend I happened upon an Awesome Authors Forum on Facebook.

I followed an author who advertised it on twitter, and Voila! I was taken to a world with a group of authors that supported, promoted and honored each other.

The forum was 24 hours long with 8-hour segments each day. Each of the 24 authors were given an hour to share their works and the passion of their craft with their fans. They held contests and giveaways, shared descriptions and excerpts from their books and interacted with their fans with the simplest of questions. It was 24 hours of the most fun you could have discussing books and characters with people you just met, sitting in front of your computer.

Yes, maybe I should get out more, but what’s the harm in sharing a passion with people across the country who are either just starting out or moving and shaking up a billion dollar market.

From Fantasy to fiction with Christian fundamentals, there was something for everyone, but one thing remained the same with each passing hour. Each author was passionate about their stories and characters, their friends, families and new acquaintances. They shared and promoted each other, liked pages, messaged each other with side conversations and excitedly gave valued gifts.

I gained new friends in Amalie Jahn, author of The Clay Lion, who I felt an immediate kinship with I appreciated Rory Lampley and Killarney Traynor, two incredible supporters and participants throughout the whole forum. Thank you Danielle DeVor for hosting the event. Blakely Bennett and Casey Clipper, you are both almost too hot to handle. I visited gifted author and public speaker Melodie Ramone’s page and learned some new things about myself. I love Lillian Roberts’ style of writing because it isn’t easy to make politics funny. Kyra Dune, you truly craft new universes. Linda Covella, Maer Wilson and Marsha Roberts, thank you for the new opportunities for great friendships and to visit new worlds.

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