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Everything You Need To Know To Get Hooked

In this first book of the series you will be introduced to Paige Morganson, a young Elder who has fought hard to forgive others, truly love, and see herself as God sees her. Her love for God and the peace she has been able to find is her greatest motivation.

Mason Jenson is devastated after his wife of 12 years dies, leaving him with a 9-year-old daughter that reminds him of his precious wife everyday. How is he going to move forward in life with the ghost of her staring him in the face at every turn and how will he get over the fear of losing his daughter when she is all he lives for now?

Victoria Branchett has every material need and want she could ever desire. She has a husband that loves her deeply, but the death of her daughter has clouded her mind and she sees nothing but what she has lost, and is determined to regain it through her granddaughter.

Elder Brandon Tatum comes from a long line of ministers and pastors, and moved into his position without reservation because of the call on his life. He prides himself on not making a move unless he has heard from God, but hasn’t made the effort to acquire the social skills needed to maintain a personal relationship with a woman.

Will the relationship he has with God be enough to help him obtain the love he has been quietly hoping for?

My Beauty For Your Ashes is a Christian-Fictional novel that has a story that transcends the fictional world with real world problems, solutions and decisions that merge the lives of four people that may otherwise have never met.

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