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Paige - Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

We’re moving today. Again.My parents think I am going to love Atlanta. NOT. My mom is excited about being close to her family. Melanie is already back in school so I got to do some of her packing for her. I felt extremely honored to have to go through her things. Again, NOT.

I wish they would let me stay here with Amy’s family. They always have fun and Amy’s mom is great! She actually waits and listens for me to answer her questions instead of assuming what I will say. It’s so not fair! This was the only place in all of our moves that I made a friend.

When I told my mom how I wanted to stay because I loved having a friend and a person I could talk to, she tells me I will have many more friends once we move because I will be able to play with my cousins. Obviously she doesn't remember when we stayed near her other sister in Utah and I was constantly tortured by my cousin Sofie.

Just cause you family doesn't mean you're going to be friends...I miss my sister, Mel. She would find something good to say about this move. All I see is me having to starting over. God, I hope these cousins are nicer than Sofie. Demon Child.I don’t know if you can hear me God, but would you please let me be friends with at least one of my cousins? I think it would make life a little easier.

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