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Promises to Zion Series

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Promises Fulfilled the fifth installment of the Promises to Zion series will be available on March 28th in both its electronic and print form.

I call this book a victory. A victory in it coming to fruition from the first line that kept knocking on the door of my heart ten years ago, a victory against distraction and my penchant for procrastination and a victory in living the dream of writing with the unction of the Holy Spirit.

There were so many messages and parts to this story that began in the other books that came full circle in Promises Fulfiled. If I had to choose one main theme that occurred again and again in this book, let alone in this series, was forgiveness. The second was ending generational curses.

From My Beauty For Your Ashes it was clear that the main character was dealing with issues that stemmed from abuse.

To tell you the truth, I thought most of the book was going to be about how Paige arrived at the place we met her; outside of the church, preparing to give the eulogy for her abuser. Instead it was a starting point with me going deeper into her personality and spiritual faith and meeting each and every character that would interact with her to bring her to a place of forgiveness over and over again.

Most of these characters will make another appearance in a future series so don't say goodbye to them yet. 

My Oil Of Joy

For Your Mourning


My Beauty

For Your Ashes

My Garment of Praise 

For Your Spirit

of Heaviness

Stolen Promises

Marc and Melanie's


Stolen Promises eBook.jpg

Chandler County Series

Missing Under the Mistletoe

Missing Under the Mistletoe eBook (2).jp

Missing the Gift

Missing The Gift eBook smallest.jpg

Missing Us

Missing Destiny

Chances Are....eBook small.jpg

Chances Are...

(The Chances series book 1)


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